Hey Darren –

I wanted to say thanks again for working with me on the Tundra man. I am pretty excited to have a new rig and appreciated your professionalism and courteousness along the way. It was a great and painless experience buying a car from you and I’m happy to pass anyone I know who may be looking for a Ferrari on to your place! J

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have about the bike and when you’re ready to make a move on a new one, give me a jingle.

Thanks again and take care.


J. Kennedy

On Jul 2, 2010 12:08 PM, "Chris" wrote:


I bought a black GTI from you back in the fall and can't say enough about the car or how helpful you guys were.  I have a freind that's looking for a GTI, grey or silver, 4 door, low miles 2007 or newer.  He is definitely in the market but is having a tough time finding the right car. 



Hi Darren,

First of all, I want to let you and Bill know that my wife and I are very happy with the vehicle so far.  My wife just loves the car.  I wanted to update you on the details involving the purchase of the vehicle.  The Credit Union approved the loan on Monday (6/14/10) and I received the check in the mail on Wednesday (06/16/10).  I'm enclosing my personal check for the down payment of $xxxxx with the endorsed check for the balance as full payment for the vehicle.   I'm putting it in the mail today (06/17/10), so you should receive them by Friday or Saturday at the latest.

There are a couple of small things that that we would like to request of Motorsports Limited.

1) I called Bill and asked if he could check if you or the previous owner of the vehicle still has the "valet key" and the "flat or wallet key" for the vehicle.  When new, the vehicle would have come with the 2 master keys we have, plus the 2 others we don't.  The spare keys are pretty expensive so we would really appreciate it if they were available.

2) Could you please send me a copy of the full Carfax report for my records?

Thanks.  It was a nice car buying experience working with you and Bill.

Doran and Tien

Hi Darren:

I wanted to thank you again for the most "pain free," smooth and no BS car purchase transaction I have ever had!  I LOVE my new BMW X3 3.0i!!  I will highly recommend you personally and your dealership and showroom to anyone looking for a high quality vehicle!

All the best,



Thanks for the service and the car. Here's a check for the A6.

Thanks, Brent

Darren and Nolan,

Though I bought my Audi back in June (2009), but I can honestly say that to this day, six months later, it is still a complete and utter pleasure to drive. Darren was extremely helpful from the moment I called him up to discuss the vehicle until the week later when I drove it off the lot.

Being a Canadian buyer, I had a lot of apprehension on how the whole process would work with the purchase, currency exchange, import, etc, but thankfully, it couldn’t have been smoother. As long as the title and purchase agreement is brought to the border crossing it will be imported over 72 hours prior, people will have no issue with US Customs. On the Canadian side, I was in and out within 20 minutes.

I would fully recommend Motorsports Limited to anyone – and I actively do. Your prices can’t be beat and there was no pushy sales tactics (which I detest). You were upfront and honest about anything you thought might be a concern and were so helpful in arranging any pre-purchase work needed (daytime running lamp activation).

Again, thank you so much Darren and Nolan!

E. Harder


Thanks you for helping with the purchase of my Mercedes. I appreciate your patience and willingness to answer all of my questions. It was a pleasure to do business with you.

Regards, B. Raymond


Sorry it has taken me so long to send you this email letting you know how much I love the Audi S4. It has been a very long time since I have enjoyed driving a car this much. I will definately check with you first anytime I am in the market for a used car either for me or one of my kids.


G. Bruebaker

Hi Nolan, Darren, it was a pleasure doing business with you.  We wish you every success!  We also greatly appreciate your willingness to try and fix the drivers seat side panel for us.  The car could be picked up as soon as Tuesday so we're hoping you will have the opportunity to find a replacement on short notice!  Again, thanks for making what would normally be a less than fun experience into one that was a pleasant surprise.

R. Tyree

Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2009 12:41 PM
To: Nolan Hanna
Cc: Darren Gertz

Best car buying experience I've had Nolan!  Darren, that was very generous of you to order the part for us, we know it was above and beyond and greatly appreciate it!!  I don't suppose that Phil Smart can have it delivered to a Mercedes dealership in Charleston instead of having it come to them here in Seattle?  We fly out Friday morning .


Darren & Nolan,

Thank you for your help on Saturday. I really appreciated your friendliness and professionalism.

- Watson

Darren and Nolan,

Our daughter loves her new Subaru. Just wanted to tell you both that it was a pleasure dealing with you (and Fairly painless). Good luck to you both.

D. Malcolm

Hey Darren,

I would like to thank you for the professionalism and honesty. I really enjoyed doing business with you. And needless to say, the car is a dream. Thanks a lot.


Good Morning Darren!

I'm the individual that just picked up the 05 Tourareg from you there. I just wanted to let you know that the cashiers check is being overnighted via FedEx to you today.

Please convey my thanks to Nolan for his assistance on making this deal happen. Thank you as well. Compared to the 2005 Tourareg that we were looking at and heavily considering up at Chaplins VW, I think that my wife and I got a much better vehicle. If I have any friends or acquantainces that are interested in a quality used vehicle, I'll definately refer them to you and your website.

I don't know if you have a mailing list, but if I can have my personal email of D***@*****.com included on a mailing list, I would appreciate it. That way, if someone I know is looking for a specific vehicle, I can refer them over. THanks again!

D. Newell





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